Understand Harmony and Chord Sequences - Index

Part One - Building diatonic chords

Part Two - Major and minor chords

Part Three - Simple songs using the tonic and dominant chords

Part Four - Increasing tension with the dominant seventh chord

Part Five - How to play two chord songs in different keys

Part Six - The three chord trick: introducing the subdominant chord

Part Seven - More sequences using the I, IV and V chords

Part Eight - The relative minor chord and the I vi IV V sequence

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Part Nine - More sequences using the relative minor chord (Excerpt)

Part Ten - The supertonic or ii chord (Excerpt)

Part Eleven - The mediant or iii chord (Excerpt)

Part Twelve - The "Pachelbel's Canon" Sequence (Excerpt)

Part Thirteen - Minor key harmony (Excerpt)

Part Fourteen - More diatonic seventh chords (Excerpt)

Part Fifteen - The mysterious vii chord (Excerpt)

Part Sixteen - The cycle of fifths (or fourths) (Excerpt)

Part Seventeen - Secondary dominant chords (Excerpt)

Part Eighteen - Secondary dominant chords, continued (Excerpt)

Part Nineteen - The Blues (Excerpt)

Part Twenty - Adding More Notes (Excerpt)

Part Twenty-one - The marvellous diminished chord (Excerpt)

Part Twenty-two - Borrowed chords (Excerpt)

Part Twenty-three - Altered Chords (Excerpt)

Part Twenty-four - Chord substitutions (Excerpt)

Part Twenty-five - Slash chords (Excerpt)

Part Twenty-six - Changing Key (Excerpt)

Part Twenty-seven - Quartal harmony (Excerpt)

Appendix 1 - Printable chord charts for diatonic triads and seventh chords in all major keys